Art of Holistic Branding [Mastermind Details]
Your work isn't just about making money.
It's about sharing your gifts.
It's about catalyzing growth.
It's about sparking a revolution.
You have stories, gifts & expertise you're aching to share. You sense your divine purpose. You're willing to put in the work, and want to blend strategy with soul.

You're also scared. And a bit overwhelmed.

You're tired of investing in courses and support
that offer tons of promises but no concrete outcomes.

You're jaded from implementing another
step-by-step formula with no success.

The truth is...
You're one-of-a-kind;
it's no surprise your business is too.
You're not looking for an easy formula that will promise your "dream life" or "five-figure months."

You're not looking for someone to tell you who you are, how you're here to serve and what you should do.

You're looking for someone to reflect your brilliance, show you the possibilities, share the right resources, and hold you accountable for actualizing your potential.

Ready to make 2019 the year
your creative lifestyle business thrives?
"What I value most about working with Cat is how she relies upon her intuition in our work. She listened to what I told her in our initial interview with more than just with her ears. She listened with the entirety of her being. She heard how I abstractly described my work, gleaned the essence of what I do and then miraculously put it into the words and images on the website she helped to create for me. It was not a cerebral experience but more of a birthing process and I couldn't be happier with the result. 

The website has delivered, too. Because the site resonates with who I am, I have had potential clients as well as other coaches reach out to work with me from my site alone. These are some of my best clients now! 
Not only is Cat connected intuitively with her work but she knows the ins and outs of website design and social media marketing. She makes it seem effortless and and second nature. Our work together has been very complementary and has carried on past the initial website design with marketing and strategizing. She consistently uses her intuition, knowledge and skills to help me see and understand things about the business I do not see. She is an ultra creative and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to know her and work with her. Love you Cat!" - Nadia Elmagrabi
  a 10-month mastermind for holistic entrepreneurs wanting to crystallize their brand message, curate aligned offerings and amplify their impact
*This program is ideal for coaches, healers & creatives in their first to third year of business.
Or those undergoing a messaging pivot / re-branding.

Working for yourself is complicated enough.
Choosing a certification, defining your niche, creating your offerings, writing blogs, building your website, prospecting, business cards, photography, forming partnerships...
the to-dos' are endless!

The truth is -
having a successful business isn't about doing everything all at once; it's about owning where you are and doing the right things at the right time.

This immersion is designed to walk you through the process of putting your soul's work out there through intuitive brand development, content coaching and a cosmically-charged visibility strategy.

It's for mindful, self-starting entrepreneurs craving an approach that's both strategic and soulful.
You'll Complete This Experience With:
  •  Custom Vibe Guide: voice & visual guidelines to keep you (and/or your team) consistently conveying your core message
  •  Branded Graphics & Templates: receive curated images, banners and shareables for social media & more
  • Alluring Free Gift: integrate your passions & skills to offer a magical introductory experience that speaks to your people
  • Beautiful Website & Blog: enjoy a fully functional digital home to house your sacred gifts & offerings
  • Aligned Profit Plan: craft uniquely memorable experiences & products that inspire, educate & transform
  • Content & Community Strategy: create a marketing plan that cultivates connection & converts new friends into loyal fans
How It Works:

This mastermind will run from March through December 2019. It includes 8 modules, and integration months where we'll meet for 2 luxury retreats (locations TBD).

The first half of each module/month will be spent delving into theory and completing growth exercises. The second half of each module you'll enjoy a 1:1 intuitive strategy session to translate your creative exercises into branding & marketing materials you're gushing over.

*You should plan to spend at least 3 - 4 hours building your brand and business each week.

To offer an effective, high-touch experience, space is limited to 18.
What We'll Cover:
Module 1
Intro To Business Astrology
I'll show you to maximize the clues left in cosmos to create more alignment, flow, and abundance in your life.

Module 2
Your Story Is Your Purpose

Leverage your past to create a positive experience for others. Integrate your passions & talents into a unique brand identity. Embrace your astrological blueprint & karmic contracts. 

Module 3
Convey Your Brand Essence Through Intuitive Design

Discover the importance of colors, typography and imagery. Select and create visuals that authentically convey your message and attract the right people.
Module 4
Curate Aligned Offerings That Leverage Your Potential

Craft experiences & products that inspire, educate & transform. No more cookie-cutter solutions, you'll learn how to maximize your expertise and innate gifts.
Module 5
Map Out Your Sustainable Social Strategy

What if content marketing didn't have to be overwhelming? Implement the exact strategies used by dozens of women to simplify & inspire your marketing.
Module 6
Build A Content Library That Creates Lifelong Friends

Information is the new currency. Share your truth and life lessons in a way that invites connection. Cultivate informational resources that catalyze & heal. 
Module 7
Cultivate Collaborative Relationships

Affiliate marketing, guest posts, interviews, MLMs, JVs & PR... we'll begin integrating the myriad of ways to build momentum by joining forces with like-minded individuals.
Module 8
Create Rituals & Systems That Keep You On Course

Building your brand isn't a one-time thing. It's an ongoing process that requires devotion, presence & surrender. Instill systems and rituals that support your evolution.
Additional Resources
- Your Brand Archetype assessment

- Living library of tutorial & d.i.y. videos

- Interviews with successful creative entrepreneurs

& More!
Hey! You can call me Cat. I'm a holistic lifestyle & branding coach who believes our stories are meant to be shared, and that each of us is a vital part in the creation of a healthier, more harmonious world.

For the past 4 years I’ve been working as a brand & marketing consultant. Wearing every hat from social media manager to copywriter to strategist to designer, I’ve seen first hand what goes into building the foundations of a brand that connects, educates and inspires - for the long haul. I've studied with some of the industry's top experts and am a certified holistic health coach, reiki practitioner and Akashic Records reader. My clients have become best-selling authors, internationally known speakers, TV personalities and more.

After working with scores of creatives and advocates in what has been the rapidly changing industry of personal development, I began to notice trends of success. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t always those with the expensive sites and fancy photoshoots who were the most sought after. Or those with the most advanced funnel who made the most money. Anchoring into your personal story (the why behind your work) and learning how to embody your truth are actually the most valuable assets you can develop when growing your brand and business. People don't buy what you do, they buy how you make them feel; they buy the journey & lifestyle you're offering them.

Join me in blending both the sacred and strategic to deepen your presence, enhance your intuition and elevate your mission.

They Say:
“WOW! I cannot thank you enough ... The site looks incredible, I can’t wait to share it … It’s been such a pleasure working with you & I truly appreciate how you were so patient & dedicated to my story ... I HIGHLY recommend you to other entrepreneurs … You're the BEST!” - Steph Dietz

“... a dream to work with - spirited, wise, and full of beautiful ideas. I highly recommend collaborating with her or bringing her to your event to speak or teach! She also photographed me for my press and website. I loved how authentic and laid back it felt to work together. She is one of a kind!” - Fern Olivia

2018 is nearly over.
On December 6th, we'll experience the Sagittarius New Moon; the last new moon of the year.

Think back to your resolutions...
What did you promise yourself you'd accomplish?

If you're like I was for many years, you're still playing small. Despite your commitment to step up and finally share your brilliance, something has you still hiding -
you've got a feeling that something is you.

What if you fully owned your gifts and stayed true to your purpose?
What if you knew instinctively which opportunities to take and when?
What if you had the support necessary to push through resistance and challenge?
Let's Create Your One-of-a-Kind Roadmap
Imagine this -
Waking up on a Monday,
clear about your goals for the week,
knowing you had enough hours to get everything done & confident about your aligned offerings, magnetic content and beautifully branded website.

Client calls, yoga, drinks with your girls, emails, self-care, creative time, planning, networking, date nights...
each month, week and day a luscious experience igniting your pleasure and fueling your progress.

What if sharing your message and mission was fun as well as profitable?
What if you didn't have to choose between building a business and having a life?
Next mastermind immersion begins March 2019.
Supports You To:
  • tap into your innate wisdom
  • embody your brand message
  • embrace a wild confidence
  • share your truth to build a tribe
  • leverage your unique gifts & talents
  • launch a website that lights you up
  • form relationships that support growth
  • deepen your presence & magnetism
  • curate content that connects & converts
  • cultivate profit clarity
  • map your stress-free marketing plan
  • ignite your thriving lifestyle business
What's Included:

- group opening & closing ceremonies

- lifetime access to all 8 modules including 30+ videos & playsheets to guide personal & professional development

- 8 one-on-one 60-minute intuitive strategy sessions

- branded 5-page Squarespace website complete with email, social & scheduling integrations; opt-in series, profit plan clarity, custom marketing templates, content calendar & community building plan

- 2 luxury retreats (locations TBD)

- lifetime access to the holistic branding community

- bonus interviews, playshops & more

© 2018, Catherine Ezor
For The Art of Holistic Branding